Monday, 5 September 2011


How to order? 
Simply email me the items which you are interested in. I will send u a confirmation mail within 1 week.
(Very sorry but the 'Add to cart' doesn't work currently!!)

What is the currency used?
All amount are in SGD

Can i cancel my order?
No cancellations of orders after payment is made. Payment must be made within 3 days after order is confirmed and processed.

Can i reserve an item? 
Yes, you may. Just email me the item you wish to reserve and give me a deadline (max. 2 weeks). I may inform you should there be other customers who want the item.

Is trading allowed?
Only for locals (unless your willing to take the risk and send me your items first). I'd very much like to see the actual product itself (just to check condition) before deciding whether to trade for it. Please refer to request board to check items which I'm interested in or you can email me.
If your overseas, please be frank about item and box's condition. Pictures will be required. (I do not wish to send you back the items. It's a waste of your time and your money. ) You will have to send the item to me first. Hope that you do understand :)

If prices of both items differ, the item with the lower value will be used to offset the one with the higher value. The remaining value will be paid by either party depending on the situation.

Please take a look at my Wish List @ , user: okimune
for more items which im interested in :)

What is 'MISB' ?
MISB means ' Mint In Sealed Box '. It means that product is sealed and unopened.

What does the % mint of the box mean?
It refers to the condition of the box. 100% means that the box is in a perfect/near perfect condition. Anything below 100% means that the box may have some minor scratches/damages. Images of the box may be posted online. You can send an e-mail request if it is not posted.

Why are the items sold out so fast?
For almost all the items, I only have 1 in stock. I am neither a supplier nor an agent and these items are my own collection. However, you can send an email to me to request for an item and I can help you keep a lookout for it.

Why are some of the products wrapped in an additional plastic wrap while others are not?
These wrapping are not done by me but by the suppliers/stores which I got from. Items sold are as is condition unless you're getting a displayed item.

For any inquiries, please email

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